Pastured Poultry

We raise high quality pastured chicken and turkeys. Our poultry go to pasture as soon as they get their feathers and get access to a fresh piece of pasture every day. They forage for bugs and are fed premium, local feed. We treat our birds with respect and we are grateful for their incredible sacrifice to feed our community.

Nourishing Ecosystem

There is so much more that goes into healthy chicken than the chicken alone. We are actively supporting the development of a whole ecosystem, complete with natural checks and balances. Our goal is to manage our land in a way that puts valuable nutrients back into the soil, cleans the air we (and our animals) breathe, and allows our animals to live the way they were designed to!

Our Community

None of these big goals would be possible without you, our incredible community. Providing you with food that nourishes your body and tastes delicious is our passion. We believe that food has the power to heal. We also believe that the journey to vitality does not have to be a lonely one. We are here to support you in your big goals too!

Meet Your Farmers

We were born and raised in the Treasure Valley, met in High School and both went on to graduate from Idaho State University. After getting married, overcoming some health issues, purchasing our first home, and having two sweet babies, we started to realize that we were being called away from the consumerism life we often find ourselves engulfed in. We were craving more connection and less material things. Connection to the food we eat. Connection to the land that nourishes the food we eat. Connection to the beauty of a well-balanced ecosystem. And connection to other local producers in our area. We are on a journey to create that deeper connection, not just for ourselves, but also for our community who is craving the same connection. To build meaningful relationships with those around us. To sit around the table with our community serving nourishing food and natural products from our local land. If this resonates with you too, welcome to our community! Our inbox is always open and we love to hear from you. 

-Ethan, McKenzie, Everette, Graham & Baby Elli